Latest updates from AISI

Steel Imports Down 11% Year-to-Date Through October'

New Study Confirms Lightweighting Autos with Steel Results in Lower Greenhouse Gas Emissions than Aluminum'

Just released report confirms steel shows strong environmental benefits for automotive production.

Kevin Dempsey testifies at U.S. International Trade Hearing'

Kevin Dempsey, senior vice president of public policy at AISI, testified this morning at the U.S. International Trade Commission the likely impact of the USMCA on specific industry sectors.

ArcelorMittal USA Blog: Steel at the foundation of America Recycles Day'

As America Recycles Day reminds us, the benefit of recycling steel does not stop at the recycling bin. Every bit of steel is important to the economics and environmental performance of the steel industry.

Steel Highlights 30 Years of Recycling Leadership'

AISI makes pledge to strengthen recycling in collaboration with EPA as part of America Recycles Day event.


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